K-ONE Software

No. Software Developer Version Private Share K-ONE Open Source Global Open Source
1 OpenStack-OvN (Open vNetworking Manager) Jun-Sik Shin (GIST) v0.4 K-ONE Github
2 OpenStack-MultiView (Multi-layer Visibility with SmartX Agent Jungsu Han (GIST) v0.4 K-ONE Github
3 OpenStack-Mesos (Mesos-leveraged MPI Clustering) Namgon Lucas Kim (GIST) v0.3 K-ONE Github
4 OPNFV-HealthMon (Monitoring for pplication Health Checking) Hyunsik Yang (Soongsil Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github
5 OPNFV-Cluster (Clustering Service for Manager/Orchestartor) Truong-Xuan Do (Soongsil Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github
6 OPNFV-StateMon (Monitoring for State Information) Minsik Kim (Soongsil Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github
7 ODL-OSASS (Optimized Scheduling Lgorithm of SF Scheduler) Dongeun Suh (Korea Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github
8 ODL-TASS (Topology Abstraction of SF Scheduler) Jaewook Lee (Korea Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github
9 ODL-SRMSS (SF Resource Monitoring of SF Scheduler) Hosung Baek (Korea Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github
10 ONOS-ApSM (Automated Policy File Generation module for Security-Mode) Seunghyun Lee (KAIST) v0.6 K-ONE Github ONOS Github
11 ONOS-SSM (Scalable Security-Mode) Heedo Kang (KAIST) v2.0 K-ONE Github History
ONOS Github
12 ONOS-SMoV (Security-Mode on Virtual Network) Jinwoo Kim (KAIST) v0.6 K-ONE Github ONOS Github
13 ONOS-LISP (LISP Subsystem for ONOS SDN Controller) Yoonseon Han, Seungho Ryu (POSTECH) v1.0 K-ONE Github
14 ONOS-MasMan (Mastership/Auto-scaling Management System in ONOS) Woojoong Kim (POSTECH) v1.0 K-ONE Github
15 ONOS-IoTCon (ONOS-based IoT-╬╝Cloud Controller) Jaeyoung So, Daehwan Kim (Kwangwoon Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github
16 ONOS-IoTPro (ONOS-based IoT-╬╝Cloud Provider) Hongsuk Kim (Kwangwoon Univ.) v1.0 K-ONE Github