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Welcome to OpenNetworking KOREA Portal!

OpenNetworking KOREA Portal is a community portal for open-source networking research collaboration. With this community portal as the hub, we pursue the notion of "Open Collaboration" and "Community-based Eco-system". As of now, OpenNetworking KOREA Portal consists of follwing contents.

Call for paper : Open-Source Software Networking(OSSN) (Paper Submission : 31 Jan, 2016)

OpenNetworking KOREA: Documents
You can find the technical documents of OpenNetworking KOREA collaboration.
OpenNetworking KOREA: Discussion Board
You can communicate with collaborators via this open discussion board.

K-ONE Open-Source Networking Collaboration Project
From July 2015, OpenNetworking KOREA community start K-ONE (Korea - Open Networking Everywhere) Collaboration Project.
K-ONE Open Integrated R&D Playground (Roadmap)
Check more on the on-going planning toward K-ONE Open Playground, which provides unified testbeds for futuristic Software-Defined Infrastructure.

openwincon Open-Source Networking Collaboration Project
From July 2015, OpenNetworking KOREA community will start openwincon (Open Source Wireless-Wired Network Controller) Collaboration Project.

SmartX KOREN Community Web Portal
It is web portal for SmartX KOREN Playground. You can get information about SmartX KOREN Playground from this web portal. For more information, click here.

OF@TEIN Community Web Portal
Toward a OpenFlow?-enabled Software Defined Networking Infrastructure over TEIN project, is one of e-TEIN projects sponsored by Korean Government via NIA (National Information Agency) and was officially launched in July 2012.

SmartFIRE Project
SmartFIRE Project has four main objectives.
Create a common and unified way of experimenting / Federate the European and the South Korean infrastructures
Demonstrate the potential of the federated facility / Enhance the collaboration and exchange of know-how