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JongWon Kim, 10/14/2016 12:51 AM

Welcome to OpenNetworking KOREA Portal!
OpenNetworking KOREA Portal is a community portal for open-source networking research collaboration. With this community portal as the hub, we hope to pursue the notion of "Open Community-based Collaboration Eco-system". As of now, OpenNetworking KOREA Portal consists of following contents.
OpenNetworking KOREA: Information & Documents
You can find more inforation and technical documents related to OpenNetworking KOREA collaboration.
OpenNetworking KOREA: Discussion Board
You can communicate with ONK collaborators via this open discussion board.

openwincon Open-Source Networking Collaboration Project
From July 2015, OpenNetworking KOREA community will start openwincon (Open Source Wireless-Wired Network Controller) Collaboration Project.

K-ONE Open-Source Networking Collaboration Project
From July 2015, OpenNetworking KOREA community start K-ONE (Korea - Open Networking Everywhere) Collaboration Project.
K-ONE Open Integrated R&D Playground (Roadmap)
Check more for on-going plans toward K-ONE Open Playground, which provides a unified testbed for futuristic Software-Defined Infrastructure.

OF@KOREN SmartX Playground Web Portal
You can get information about SmartX OF@KOREN Playground from this web portal.

OF@TEIN Community & Playground Web Portal
From July 2012, OF@TEIN SmartX Playground has started the building and operation of distributed SDN-enabled Cloud testbed over TEIN R&D network. You can find more information about OF@TEIN open collaboration community and playground.

SmartFIRE Project
FP7 SmartFIRE Project has four main objectives: 1) Create a common and unified way of experimenting; 2) Federate the European and the South Korean infrastructures; 3) Demonstrate the potential of the federated facility; 4) Enhance the collaboration and exchange of know-how.